Towne Lake Recreation Area In McKinney TX

Towne Lake in McKinney TX is a 407-acre park that offers an eleven-mile hike and bike trail for the public to enjoy. It was first opened to the public on November 16, 1979, and has continued to be a popular place of enjoyment ever since.

The trails at Towne Lake are mostly flat and suited more for casual biking or walking than intense mountain biking or hiking. There are two loops of the eleven-mile trail, one located at the western side of Towne Lake and one at the eastern side. The trails are open to both hikers and bikers during daylight hours from dawn to dusk every day except for Friday and Saturday when they close after dark due to a local curfew.

However, there is a section of the main trail that is not part of either loop. This portion extends from the eastern end of Towne Lake to Sweetwater Drive and is closed to bikers as well as hikers during night hours. In addition, there are several smaller trails spread throughout the park open only to pedestrians as they provide access to different parts of the lake and its various features.

The trails are also closed during times of inclement weather or when they are deemed to be too muddy. These times are usually posted at the entrance to each trail to provide adequate notice to visitors.

The park’s main attraction is Towne Lake itself. The lake was created in 1966 when the City of McKinney built a dam on the eastern side of the park and filled it with water from Panther Creek. It is a large lake, encompassing about three-fourths of Towne Lake’s area.

Many people use the lake for recreational activities such as boating and swimming. Other activities include fishing and picnicking along the shores. There is a marina located on the eastern side of the lake that offers boat rentals, slips for permanent moorings, and supplies. There is also a restaurant on the premises.